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Green Credentials

There have recently been a number of informed reports from qualified bodies showing that the built environment accounts for too large a proportion of the carbon emissions and pollutants of the UK today.

 It is particularly in the manufacture of the building materials – concrete, steel, bricks, reconstituted materials - where the biggest impact on the environment is made with the use of burning kilns and ovens emitting CO² , the use of polluting chemicals to bond, stabilize and preserve and the logistical requirements to assemble the variety of components required in production.

 All stone products are so much more environmentally friendly, whether limestone, sandstone, slate or marble as the basic material already naturally exist and requires only a fraction of such energy for their production – and no pollutants.

 At Churchfield Stone considerably more savings are made by specializing in and using only natural English Limestone – no importing of foreign stones with their huge logistical impact.

 Premium block stone for Churchfield Stone’s Standard Range of construction materials and flooring is sourced locally and transported for processing an average distance of less than 47 miles and the factory itself is established at the Churchfield Quarry from which the Blisworth stone for their Heritage Range is extracted.

 The manufacturing process uses only the minimal amount of energy to saw, split and dress the final product - the water used in this process being cleaned and recycled for continued use.

 At Churchfield the finished product is then stored and dispatched upon receipt of order - direct to the end user – again minimizing transportation and its accompanying emissions.

 A further consideration for the promotion of stone, which is perhaps a little more difficult to evaluate, is the lesser impact of this natural material on the environment in terms of its longevity and potential for re-use. Reclaimed natural building stone is a highly sort, valued and costly commodity for building and restoration today.

 Churchfield Stone aims to manufacture and supply only natural products of quality and reliability which will give today’s client satisfaction and also have the potential to form the valued reclaimed materials of generations to come.